Studio traduzioni

Our Translation Studio aims at providing a service in line with our working choices that enable us to make a difference by offering a complete set of services:

  • Translation
  • Authentications and Apostilles
  • Interpreting
  • Customized language courses

Our main goal is to satisfy our clients and make our translators' work easier and more rewarding.


Studio Traduzioni works with the most qualified translators to provide the best quality in all languages.
Although technology cannot replace the human translation process, as machines cannot capture nuance or contextual interpretation, computer-aided translation tools and translation memory technology are very useful in repetitive and technical texts as they ensure terminological consistency.

Our services include:

  • Technical translations and manuals - technical manuals of all sectors, data sheets, patents, flyers.
  • Legal translations - contracts, judgments, certificates, company registration reports, various documentation.
  • Economic and financial translations - balance sheets and explanatory notes, company reports, bank guarantees and sureties, banking documentation in general, market analyses, accounting and tax procedures.
  • Website translations - text translations for the web must be immediately comprehensible, use public-friendly language and convey technical content clearly and precisely.
  • Software localization - entrust us with the translation of your software strings and you will certainly be satisfied with our professionalism.

Authentications and Apostilles

Studio Traduzioni carries out sworn translations for legal documents that must be submitted to court or other institutions. The authentication service is recognized by government agencies all over the world.
Authentication involves swearing an oath in the court of competent jurisdiction attesting to the authenticity of the original and assigning a file number.

Outside the European Union, sworn translations require the Apostille to be affixed by the Public Prosecutor's Office. We also offer this service at an affordable rate.

Language courses

Studio Traduzioni offers customized language courses, subject to an assessment test, in the following languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

Each course is tailored to meet the needs of the client, making learning enjoyable and teaching rewarding.

Visit our offices to find out more!

Consecutive interpreting

Studio Traduzioni offers consecutive interpreting in the main European languages. Our interpreters have excellent linguistic skills, a high standard of professionalism and interpersonal skills that facilitate interaction between two or more languages.

Simultaneous interpreting

Used during conferences or meetings and/or in environments where two or more languages are required, simultaneous interpreting is a more complex procedure than consecutive interpreting. Interpreters stay in an isolated booth, listen to the speaker with headphones and translate directly into the microphone, simultaneously transmitting to the listeners' headphones. This service requires highly qualified interpreters and specific equipment.

Work with us

If you are a reliable mother-tongue translator specialising in the areas of our expertise, join our team by sending your updated CV to